So today was kinda a special day for operation house of joy… I got the rare chance to surprise Brent with something really special…

To appreciate this gift you need some information…

1- I am stingy. I hate spending money and try for the deal on everything.

2- Me and Brent… not big gift people… Christmas we tell each other one thing we are getting ourselves and call it good… We just don’t do gifts.

3- Brent’s camera broke.  He is in the middle of this 365 photo project…honing his skills… getting awesome.. and BAM our already so so camera totally broke…

So all of this leads to the surprise…. Brent has been telling me the exact make and model of the camera we ‘need’ for months.  He has researched all there is to know about camera and found the one.  I have told him so many time NO. It’s too expensive… But given the information listed above… I had a change of heart.  I went to best buy. Asked them for the Canon T3i. Bought it.  Sneakily put it in our old camera case… Brought it to him… and when he opened the old case and saw the packaged canon strap at the top of the bag his face lit up.  It was a great moment… seeing him so excited over this new toy!

So, we are now equipped.  He has the knowledge. We are ready to take the world by storm… Well maybe not quite.. but we are excited about our new addition.


the idleman’s

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