So that past few weeks have been the start of something new.  I have been working to set up my K-2 Exceptional Edu classroom.  I started really with an empty room (I didn’t take  a pic then though) … picked out some old furniture and went through tons of boxes… and finally my room is ready to be destroyed by the students I will get to meet in a week.  If only decorating skills were congruent with teaching skills… then I know I’d be great… But this was just the fun part– painting and hanging Abc’s is pretty exciting… Figuring out how to keep effective records, create lessons and teach kids how to sit still and read… A bit more challenging.  I look forward to the challenge and pray just to make a small difference for these kids.

On a side note there are a few things that I could still use… if you happen to have them laying around let me know, I will take them off your hands (a lamp preferably a tall floor lamp, a comfy reading chair for the kids and I need lots of 3 ring binders if you have any old ones you don’t use anymore, I will take them, I have a organizational night mere ahead of me and I am hoping binders will help).  Also, just pray for me and my kids we make it through year one unharmed.

Hope your summer is wrapping up nicely and the rain is not putting too much of a damper on the summer fun.  This is the week for natural craziness I suppose, a earthquake and hurricane in just the past few days! Thank God both events have been mild…

I experienced the earthquake at the new teacher training.  We were all in the auditorium and once its started really shaking something fell from the ceiling— we all started running for the door! It was mass hysteria! I had a moment when I thought… Oh God.. I am too young to die in a auditorium collapsing accident… Please God save me!! Luckily the shaking stopped, we sat back down and realized how silly we all had just acted.  It was crazy! 🙂

Hopefully today is the end of the natural craziness for a bit.  Love, Amanda.

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