Week 9. Wow that came quick! We are so excited about this week because we get to tell the rest of our friends and family the very exciting news! They all love you already… We can’t wait to meet you!  Everyone is speculating as to if you will be a boy or a girl… 11 more weeks and we will know!

Me and your Dad cannot go to the store without making a pit stop in the baby section.  We have been testing out the strollers and carriers.  Your Dad is helping me stay healthy… Which is kinda tough considering pizza and ice cream are all that I want… and Twizzlers! He let me have some Twizzlers yesterday. They were divine!

You are our favorite thing to talk about.  We talk about your room… We are thinking if you are a boy we will put a city on the wall. We love our city… We want you to love it too! We also think dinosaurs are cool… So you may end up with a few of those in your room.  If you are a girl.. well I love pink! So pink will be on the walls… You will probably wear pink most days for at least the first 5 years of your life (hope you like pink too)! And I love flowers, so we will probably paint some cool flowers on the wall.

Everyone asks how I feel.  Mostly I feel pretty good.. Just tired, a little sick, a lot hungry and well feeling fat. Mostly though me and your Dad are just really happy.  We are so thankful for you.

We pray for you everyday.  We pray you will love the Lord with all your heart.  We pray that you will be strong and healthy.  We pray that you will love people like we do. We pray you will be smart and energetic.  We pray that you will have blue eyes like your daddy (well mainly I just pray that) but if you get my brown eyes it’ll be okay… It turned out okay for me.

We hope we are cool parents… and good ones too.  We are not sure how this whole parenting thing works but we are so excited that we are now a mommy and a daddy! We are so proud, I show everyone the cute little picture of you.  It’s the wallpaper on my phone.  We have two of the pictures framed in the living room.  We just love you so much.  You are a miracle.. You have a perfect little heartbeat of 176 beats per minute.. Just remember whatever mistakes you make… We are proud of you now just for having a heartbeat… So we will love you no matter what, always.

Love you so much,

your mommy

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