Week 10.  Each week our lives and my body seems to change in unexpected and exciting way.  This week it was so fun getting to share our news with everyone. We love getting to talk about you to pretty much anyone who will listen.  My belly is starting to be more pronounced… All my clothes are a little snug.  Soon I won’t have to tell people about you but everyone will be asking about you because you will be showing your cute little shape.

We got you a sweet little stocking and have it up on the mantle! I am going to stuff it with your tiny little outfits! You are going to be perfect and adorable. We have been reading all about you, how you are developing each week and what to expect. We are so excited about every little miracle that is happening in me… It’s hard to believe that already all your organs are formed and you can move around (even though I can’t feel you yet).  Your Dad is helping me stay healthy so you are strong!

Our friends can’t wait to meet you! They are already meeting this week to start planning your baby shower! They just can’t wait to celebrate you.  You may be the most loved baby in the world already.

In my free time I am scouring the internet for the perfect nursery.  I want you to have a fun space that you can learn and grow in.  Me and your Dad know our lives are changing in such an incredible way… But we still just have no idea what is coming next.  This is the greatest adventure of our lives! We are just along for the ride, hoping we are doing the right things and our love for you grows everyday.


Your Mommy

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