We had the fun privilege of taking family photos for the Tucker family! It was so much fun.. All the nieces look so adorable (as you can see)… We had to make fools of ourselves to get the to smile/look in the right direction.  If you are interested in getting into child photography you have to be a person who is willing to act a little crazy from time to time… You must be willing to make loud noises, wave your hands and make silly sounds…

Here are all the little ladies in shades of black and white…

This cutie was so easy to shoot! I think the lights from the camera memorized her.  The Tucker family is growing and they make beautiful babies!

And finally we have the whole family together..along with Grandma and Grandpa with all their precious grand babies!

After this shoot we got the chance to eat some most delicious spaghetti, made by our brother-in-law, Chad. He is an amazing cook… and I always appreciate his generous portions.  We had so much fun playing with all the kids and being with the Tucker family.  Thanks for allowing us to be apart of your holiday and document your beautiful family!


Amanda and Brent

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