Me and your Dad did some window shopping this week at Franklin Goose. We thought these were adorable for you if you are a boy or a girl. You are going to be a styling baby!

Week 13.  So the end of last week we got the chance to hear your heartbeat for the first time. It was crazy. Your heart was just racing away at 172 BPM… And the strange thing was you could hear mine too… just 70 BPM… It’s such a perfect picture of how closely my heart is tied to you.. for now until always.  From the moment I found out about you, I suddenly had so much more to loose in this life.  Even when your old and can make your own choices  my heart will be for you, loving you, praying that you experience all the best the world has to offer.

It’s crazy I keep having the strangest dreams about you… and me… Last night I dreamed I was at a dinner talking to people about the teenie tiny baby growing in me.. and then your grandma came out with tables full of food! I was so excited and decided to get me a plate! haha… I also soon after woke up and decided it was time for breakfast.  I’ve also dreamed about protecting you… in my dream people were after me but I was so much more desperate to stay safe because I knew I had to protect you. So strange, haha!

I cannot even begin to describe all the weird ways our lives have changed in just the past 13 weeks… and well there is a LOT of changes along the road ahead.  Some of them are very exciting! Like writing about you, looking at baby items, talking about if your a boy or a girl. Some are strange, like the dreams and suddenly for me food is just different.  My changing body is a mixed bag of tricks, I am excited to see that you are in there… But every time a step on the scale I cringe a little… It’s a big extremely fast adjustment to go from being the same your whole life to growing in leaps and bounds! Your Dad is so gracious though, he reassures me everyday, lets me know that he loves me and that I am doing what I need to do to be a good, healthy mommy to you! I am so thankful for your Dad.  You will be thankful to have him too… Of the many Dad’s you could have ended up with in the world in my opinion I think you landed the very best one.  He is loving, kind, driven, responsible, creative and he loves Jesus so much.  Your gonna love him.

You will be excited to know that you already have presents under the tree for you this year.  You are so going to be spoiled! I can’t wait to see what people got you.. I mostly can’t wait for you to arrive so we can let you use the new things with your name on it.. But I am sure all of that will come fast enough.

Love you so much,

Your Mommy

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