What will you be?

Well, we are sitting here watching the Super Bowl with Grandpa and Grandma. Since you have another 21 weeks of solitude in there, go ahead and think about what you want to call them. Some suggestions: Paw Paw and Mimi, Pa and Ma, Grandy and Granny, Sir and Ma’am, Master and Queen, Gimpy and Nana. We have a while before you start talking so it’s ok.

I do need to tell you that this week, we lost a family member. Your Great-Grandfather, Arlie Frederick “Beck” “Pappy” Kuyendall passed away Saturday morning around 10am, after battling Alzheimer’s for almost 10 years. I am so sorry, young one, that you won’t get to meet him. I, regrettably, did not develop as close of a relationship as I wished. I didn’t know my other Grandfather, Harold Hugh Idleman, very well. The good news is that you will definitely have a chance to know both sides of grandparents.

This week, I found out that our name actually comes from Eitelmann, a German line of families that settled very early in America in the West Virginia area. When they settled in America, their name was changed to Idleman.

So with all of that, this week has been sort of depressing, but we have Friday to look forward to, for that is when we find out if you are equipped with a penis or not! I can’t wait to find out. I have to say one last time that, since I am the last male Idleman in the family tree, we need to have a boy to keep the name going. So……work on that.

Mommy is doing great! She turned 25 this week and I think she had a good one. First, she woke up to streamers and and balloons. Then, she opened her present, a bluetooth stereo system for her iPhone and iPad (yep, she’s a spoiled yuppie). Then, our friends took us out to eat at Mom’s new favorite restaurant: Anokha’s. Then, we all went dancing at Bandito’s dance night. We had a blast! Mom and I just laughed and truly enjoyed grindin’ all ova each otha! I love your mom. If you turn out with even a fraction of her patience, kindness, beauty, faith, and loving spirit, you are going to turn out just fine.

Can’t wait to see you,


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