Week 20… and finally.. we have a name for you! Isaac Hugh.  Your Dad picked it out… He loved Isaac because it means ‘to laugh’ which is his favorite thing to do.. and Hugh is a family name, your grandpa on your Dad’s side and his Dad share the name with you. Hugh means “a thinker, intelligent”… So I think we have given you a strong name hopefully that will match who you are.

So finding out your gender was probably one of the most special moments of my life thus far… With maybe the exception of marrying your Dad and well of course meeting you… You made sure there was no doubt, your little legs were sitting right up in the air… it took the lady about 3 seconds to see that you are all boy and your tiny little head was buried so far down in me that we didn’t get a picture… So really the only clear picture we got of you, well was your man parts.   Your Dad yelled so loud when we found out, I didn’t even catch what she said! My sister (your auntie) came to share this special moment with us… That meant so much to us! But she said your Dad hugged her harder than she has ever been hugged! Needless to say, we are both so thrilled about who you are!

After getting to watch you a while in there with your tiny arms and legs crossed and hear your perfect little heartbeat, we left and did what all excited parents do… registered at Target! haha! We are so ready to meet you.  We love being able to talk to our son… Having a name for you really just makes the experience of carrying you that much more special. When I feel your little taps I know its my little boy that is moving around in there.

Your Dad came up with the great idea of telling his family about who you are in person.  We made the little onsies with your name on it . They were thrilled as well! You have 3 little nieces so we need some variety in the family! And some trucks! haha.  We called my Mom and Dad from the appointment since they live too far to tell in person.  Your grandma is ready to spoil you! And grandpa just loves you too.  Basically you are blessed with a really BIG family full of people that already love you so very much!

Your Dad and I keep daydreaming about the things we want to teach you.. The man you are going to become… Your Dad wants to start teaching you how to be the best at everything basically from Day 1… He is just so excited to have someone to play with! haha!

We love you so very much.. I am so proud of my little man. Can’t wait to dress you in ties and chase you around the house. It’s gonna be a blast!


Your Mommy

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