So this week was an eventful one! We had your baby shower and it was amazing! If your shower is any indication of the great nature of the parties to be thrown in your honor throughout your life… you have a lot to look forward to kid! It was fantastic! There was the coolest cake I’ve ever seen, seriously, it was better than our wedding cake! Your Dad did not want to cut that thing… It was art.  There were cupcakes, so much food, decorations all over, pictures of us tied to balloons for all the guests to see, prayers written for you, we decorated some clothes for you, there were more presents than we even know what to do with and lots of people around that are very excited about you!! I pray everyday that you will know how much you are loved, not just by our amazing creator that is magically forming you right now but by all the people in your life.  You are really really loved and that was SO evident this weekend when our friends and family came out and gave to you and to us so generously! It really touched my heart.

Another thing that is so evident is that you have like the best family ever.  Really. Your grandma and aunt (my mom and sister) are my heros! They are just amazing people.  They threw this great party for you, sparing no expense! Your grandma surprised us, she told me she couldn’t make it to the party… but she came and surprised us! I was so happy.  Your aunt Carissa is a foster mom right now.  She has two kiddos she is loving because there Mom and Dad aren’t able to love them right now… And she is like a rockstar.  She wakes up early for them, she is patient and kind with them and just loves them no matter what.  You are lucky to have such an amazing auntie! You can learn a lot from her.  On your Daddy’s side you have great grandparents that are already working hard to make sure you are spoiled and Aunts and uncles that can’t wait to play with you, take you camping (one day) and have been so supportive.  There is no end to the love to receive from the Idleman/Hextall clans and extended clans.  I can’t wait for you to meet them and see for yourself how great they all are!

I hope that one day when maybe one of us does something to disappoint you or you are feeling down maybe these words and these reminders will help you to know that no matter what you have people on your side, that believe in you, cheering you on and hoping for you and for your future! There is nothing you can do to not be loved.  You were formed with love, you will come into this world embraced with love and one day hopefully a long time from now you will meet your savior bathed in his love.

So one more time I will say, I love you my little man.

Can’t wait to meet you very soon!


your Mommy

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