Fixed the car again! Hit the gym hard! Going on a huge hike! Sometimes it’s just about getting dirty and gritty. Lately, Son, I have just been in a slump. I’m just feeling lost and without direction. I am finding little excitement in things I used to always love doing. So, with all of that, sometimes men just need to get our hands dirty. Plus, it’s always fun to make up these photos. All I know, is your mother and your upcoming debut are the biggest things keeping me going. To help me seek out God in this time, I started fasting last week. Every day, I will fast lunch. In lieu of eating, I read a devotion of some sort and spend some time praying, searching for how I should handle this rut that I am in. My primary reason for fasting came from Ravi Zacharias. On day, while returning from¬†Fredericksburg, I heard Ravi speaking about sin. He told a story in which a little boy asks his mom what sin is. Her answer, “Anything that keeps you from obtaining your mission.” Our mission statement. My mission statement. I never thought of even having a personal one. I thought only companies had them. Anyways, I have set out to fast until it becomes clear what my mission statement will be.

This weeek, I read about Isaiah 66:18-23, which talks about giving and not holding on. Maybe I should do that more; I should find whatever it is I have to give and give it. We all probably need to do more of that. All of use have something special, something helpful to offer. Think how cool it would be if we all offered more to other people. Wouldn’t we all be happier?

Let’s talk about something not deep, ok? You are moving alot more. Mommy’s belly is now frequently taking on multiple shapes as you practice your soccer skills in there. We have been super-blessed by everyone with gifts, like clothes, furniture, painting, nursing items, toys, safety and health things, and diapers. We have been making lots of decisions already about your upcoming debut. However, I feel like we have tons more to make. Sleeping arrangements? Bottles to use? Birthing plan? Best route to the hospital? When should we start you on Chinese lessons? Should bank on you being famous and skip saving for your college years? When can we take you out and about? When can I take you jogging? How do you swaddle a baby? Will you really pee all over me when I change your diaper?

So many questions and so many answers. I have been reading and praying but I feel like I dropped the ball on preparation. God help me.

Love You Superman,


P.S. Here’s one outfit combo I have planned for us.

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