We are starting to count down.. approximately 8 more weeks to go.  I am ready to meet you!

So I want you to understand that when Mom’s say things like ‘remember I am the one that birthed you’ or ‘I carried you for 9 months’  so you have to do this or that… I now see they have a very good point.  Carrying another human is not an easy job.  I am sure that the birthing process is going to be rough to say the least… And then comes the whole raising you part.  I am so excited that you are joining us in this world.. But if Eve could have done her part and spared us difficult child bearing you would not hear any complaints from me.  So I expect you to really love you Mommy.. because my body is going through an awful lot to bring you into this world. 🙂

My Mom told me becoming a Mommy is the most unselfish thing you do in this life.  She is so right.  I am learning I am very selfish.  I don’t want to have to rest.  I don’t want to throw up.  I don’t want to stretch and grow bigger on a daily basis.  I like to sleep.  I like to do what I want to do.   All of these things that I want, I like and I thought I needed don’t matter anymore.  The first step in learning this lesson was when I married your Dad.  I had to start sharing everything with him… And that helped me see how much God wants me to think of others before myself and daily he helps me become more like Jesus.  Now I as I become a Mom I am given a greater opportunity to give more of myself away, to put others before myself and to love in a most incredible way.  I have to say now that I am sorry in advance for the days I may fail at this.  I am learning each day more of what becoming a parent means… I have a long way to go.

Most of all though I am so thankful that God has given us you.  He has given us this opportunity to experience the miracle of seeing a life begin and the chance to love you in such a special way.  I promise that there will be lots of people who will love you but there is something so special about being a Mom and a Dad that I am just beginning to understand.  Mom’s and Dad’s are given a unique kind of love for their kids.  It’s really special.

I feel as though I now have so much more to loose in this life… I want to see you grow up… I want to spend as much time as I can being your Mommy. I thank God for everyday that he gives our family together.  Today I am thankful for every little kick, that lets me know your there. I so look forward to all the memories that are to come.


Your Mommy

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