There are so many reasons why spring break is so necessary when you are a teacher but for me the main reason I am so grateful for this week long sabbatical is that I get to spend 9 whole days with my two guys.

These past nine and a half months of motherhood have been a whirlwind. There are so many things you ‘think’parenthood will be like before it happens and people try to tell you what to expect but it is truly something you must experience to fully understand. One thing is for sure, I love being a Mom.  There are so many titles you hold in your life and many that you strive for but none are as significant as being a Mom.

I feel as though becoming a parent has given me a renewed appreciation for the simple things in life, namely sleep (haha), but aside from the difficult logistics that go into being a breastfeeding, working and in school mother/wife it is truly magical watching a tiny human develop.  I watch as you swooshes your hand under the water in the tub back and forth and back and forth just to see what happens and I am reminded that this life we are given is an amazing and beautiful thing.  Apparently, when we are little, before we can remember, we are able to enjoy the simple wonders that fill our days but the older we get the less time we take to stop and take it all in.

Parenthood for me has in a strange way forced me to slow my life down in a backwards kind of way… Somehow I have less time to sleep or eat or shower than ever before.. but my days are centered on a few simple things — what I have to do (go to work, clean up, write a paper) and taking care of my family.  While somedays I may miss the flexibility of having all my time to myself, this new way of life, sharing all my time with a tiny human, comes with so many small joys I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I already feel like I could write books about all the ways that motherhood has changed me, challenged me and blessed me… I guess I will try to share what I can in pieces.

Happy Spring Break.




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