So one thing you can count on once you join the Mommy club is that you suddenly will have so many more things to worry about. Of course you will worry about how you are doing. Are you giving you child enough attention? Are you feeding them the right things the right ways? Are they sleeping enough? Did you remember everything they need when you left the house… and the list goes on…

Then there are all those pesky things you can’t control… Are they developing normally? What if they get sick? Or there is an accident? Or then there are all those crazy people out in the world you want to trust but you never know…. Oh and don’t forget the economy, world peace! I mean I could go on forever!

I have been thinking and praying a lot on how to combat this feeling of worry. I currently am expecting and our son has been extra sick over the holidays so these two thing I am sure have made this worry thing feel a little heavier than normal.. but even when things are all perfect in our little family I still struggle with that little voice that wants to say well… what if?

This is a work in progress so I don’t have sure and fast answers on how to kick this habit of worry but I do know a few things that have helped… or actually really there is only one thing that has helped and that is Faith.

I grew up knowing Jesus… which has been pretty great for me. He has helped me through my life and blessed me a lot more than I deserve. I’ve read the bible a lot.. but in this new season of life I feel that the many simple truths I have read over and over and I have needed to hold onto a little tighter. I often feel like the man in the bible who honestly said to Jesus… I believe but help my unbelief. There is nothing else that makes sense of this life to me than Jesus and heaven and hope… without these things life would just feel like one pit of fleeting despair. But sometimes I still doubt… if I didn’t doubt I wouldn’t worry.

I read in the bible that the mark of a righteous man is faith. I have read that so many times and thought… I got this… but it’s much more complicated than that.. Faith requires us to stand up to worry and believe that God has hope. Even if that hope is not in this life… we all have hope in heaven. It also requires us to speak up and care more about what God thinks than what our fellow humans think (which can be tricky).

So what I have learned so far about worry is that my cure lies in Jesus but I need his help getting healed.
I pray that as we watch our family grow and we face the unknown the future holds I can always have faith and not let worry steal my hope for our future.



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