ImageI can’t believe it is almost time to meet you!  I knew when we found out we were expecting this past June that the next 9 months would fly by… but that went even faster than I anticipated!  Life feels like it has been crazy since we found out their was going to be a little Lucas Bear. We have been working hard to be ready for your arrival.  We have been so blessed to have been able to take some time at Grandma and Grandpa’s to re-group and prepare our lives for having two little guys. Now we are looking at getting settled again into our own home.  We are anticipating moving into a new space and finding a new routine together.

Yesterday you poked your little leg out the side of my belly, which instantly got my attention.  That moment I realized how much I look forward to meeting you! It continuously blows my mind that a fully developed (at this point) little human is resting inside me… all that is necessary is about a day of extreme pain and BAM we get to meet you! That day can’t come soon enough.  


Your Dad and I often joke our hearts may explode when we meet you because we are certain that loving TWO sons is just going to be too much love to handle.  I have been daydreaming about what its going to feel like to look back in my rear mirror and see two unbearably cute faces staring back at me.  I can’t wait to share with you in all your firsts.

One advantage of being a parent for a second time is some of the pressure and fear is relieved.  You have this realization that most of the hard stuff come in phases that leave as quickly as they start.  You sorta know what may or may not be normal.  You have a bit of confidence in the knowledge that your experience has brought.  As your brother has grown I have loved every moment… but those first months were filled with a bit of anxiety.. I always was unsure if I was doing anything right.  I am less concerned about being right at this point and more concerned about just doing and loving you boys with the best love that God has given me.  I pray that the as we take in all your firsts and fall in love with you we will be less overwhelmed with each stage and more able to fully enjoy the chaos that having a family tends to abruptly and loudly bring into your life.

We are counting down the days (I may be counting the moments given the condition of my body at this stage) till we get to meet you! Every night me, your Dad and brother pray over you.  We pray for your perfect development and that you will grow to be a strong man of God.  We all love you so very much already!



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