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This week we had the honor of dedicating you to the Lord.  We know and have faith that you are first the Lord’s and in his care and next ours to help love and direct.  As we prepared for your dedication I was a bit overwhelmed with the weight of the responsibility to raise godly men… but I have been reminded I am only a vessel.  God will protect and care for you even when we fail.

We have been thinking of prayers we want to pray over you and Isaac.  So far my prayers are that you will seek God first in your lives, you will be men of godly character, you will have joy in your life even through the challenges you will face, you will love deeply, that you will be a light to others and you will have a strong sense of curiosity/adventure- even when your old. I pray for your Dad and I that we will have the strength and grace to love you with God’s best love.

Sometimes it’s a hard job but the best one we have.

Love you,


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