Somehow I think feminism has brainwashed us to believe that Motherhood is outdated and weak.

As a woman I never felt I should be limited based on my gender. I always knew I was smart and strong.  I thought I proved this in college or maybe when I worked really hard and found success in my work. It never occurred to me as I set my 5 and 10 year goals that motherhood would prove to be my greatest challenge and most handsome reward.

I do not think that all woman should quit their jobs, stop achieving their goals, stay at home and have babies…. but I think that those that do are pretty awesome. They have come to realize one truth that our society has forgotten… our legacy lies in our children.

I have observed an amazing strength to be present in mothers. These woman push their bodies to the limit, they give of themselves in unbelievable ways, they forgo sleep sometimes for years, they endure crying and tantrums, all the while loving with a fierce kind of love.  When you are good Mom, present and invested each day… working or at home… you are doing hard work, using all your smarts, you are preserving, you are tired and you are strong.

This should be celebrated.  Woman have been given the gift to facilitate the creation of new life.  This role cannot be ignored. It will never become out dated.  The value of motherhood is enormous.  If this is your full time duty, your a rockstar!

I have felt the insecurity and talked to so many mother’s who feel it too… I just feel like our values need to change… if woman abandon motherhood our children and their children will suffer such loss.  So go on Momma’s keep being awesome and doing your awesome Momma thing.



(ps. I think invested Daddy’s are great too… and Dad’s are super important)

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