There are so many things I never understood about you until I became a mother too…

I now know how you felt when you carried my one year old little self on top of a round belly before my sister arrived.

I am thankful for the work it took to entertain me while nursing my little sister.  I’m so glad there was always room for both of us on your lap no matter how heavy we felt.

I think of the fact that you dedicated yourself to caring for the three of us without family close by to give you a night off, facilitate date night or let you get in a quick trip to the gym… the things you help us with so often now that we have our own kids.

I think ahead to all the times you yelled for us to stop playing and come give you a kiss. I now understand that your need to kiss us came from a mother’s heart that was overfull… you just had to love on us! I now feel this everyday for my boys.

I think to the nights I crawled into your warm safe bed when I was scared or the times I threw a fit because that’s what kids do… I now realize the sacrifice and patience that took from you.

I am amazed by how gracefully you let me go as I went to collage and seamlessly became not just my mother but also my friend… as I hold my baby boys tight I pray I have the strength to follow your example and support them as well as you when I face that same day.

As I grow into the mother of my children I also grow a more thankful heart for you.  Your selfless care for me is a gift I am only now starting to understand.  I aspire to be as strong of a woman and caring a mother for my family. Without you there would be no me.


your daughter

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