Motherhood is a journey.

When I found out I was going to be a mom in October 2011 I had not idea what was coming, what that meant and surely had no clue what kind of Mom I was going to be.

Mostly what I knew was I was excited, I had a great Mommy so I figured much of what was to come would come natural or I would follow what I learned from her.  Since that time as our family has continued to grow and the needs of our children continue to evolve I have started to gain a better picture of the kind of Mom I feel called to become.

One part of this calling for me is to be as available as possible for my children.  For some reason entering motherhood I didn’t see how necessary and important this piece would be.  I didn’t know how much my kids would need me.  I didn’t know how much I’d love them.  I didn’t know how hard to would be to make the time they really need for them in my life and honestly my husband didn’t know either.

As I reflect I think it’s weird that this part never dawned on me.  When I grew up my Mom was always there.  She stayed home, taught us for some years, she invested in us and I owe most of who I have become to her.  Why would I want anything different for my children? Why would I consider any other option?  I’m really not sure.  I think I was partly brainwashed, partly ignorant and partly unable to make the changes that being THAT available at the onset of motherhood would have required.

Now I’m a little farther into the journey and I am forever grateful for the new lens God has given me as I view our lives and my role in our family.  I see how investing in these tiny lives is a calling.  I see that the quote sacrifices we made to be able to focus more on our family where not sacrifices at all… they were blessings.

living with family, selling our house, downsizing, paying off debts, cutting our bills, going out less, swapping services (babysitting), etc seemed like a sacrifice but now I am so grateful

I still am tired and have hard days but I know I am doing what God has called me to do…. and honestly I think if we follow our callings we will always be tired and struggling a bit because he has called us to follow the narrow path…



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