My husband and I have decided to choose one book of the bible to study each month this year.  Our first pick was Isaiah (I don’t recommend it, haha) it was a challenge!  This month we have been reading Ecclesiastes… which is a little easier to understand… but has never been a book I liked very much.  It’s too glass half empty for me BUT this time around reading it I have been really encouraged by some of the wisdom hidden in the lines of this book.

Chapter 3, has been my favorite so far, it starts with a poem describing the seasons of life and then begins to talk about our human condition.  Here are some of my favorite verses—

v11- He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Also he has put eternity in their heart, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

This verse for me embodies the beauty and frustration of our human condition. I wonder often the purpose of our time on earth. Recently, I’ve been considering the idea that maybe we are hear just to be a beautiful story… our service, our struggle, our love… maybe at the end of it all God will be pleased if we come to him having had told a captivating story with our lives.  This verse sorta gets at that idea for me… we are stuck in the micro-moments of our lives, which can at times be so frustrating… but only God can see the whole picture. He is looking at it all seeing how the pieces fit together to make something lovely.  My bibles notes say- from the divine perspective, there is no ugliness in the events of our lives.

v 12- I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives, and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor– it is the gift of God.

My bible expands on this verse and says—- the advise this writer give is to seize the day in the joy of God.  Biblical faith is a call for joy, even when we live in a wicked world and under terrible stress, this is because we find true joy in the living God.


In the information age I struggle with the proper way to handle all the facts we are given in a single day.  As a christian how should I feel about the wicked things happening the world? How informed should I be?  How much should the news affect my mood or outlook on life?  As a Mom there is another element to this dilemma… how much should I worry for my children in today’s climate?

BUT guess what, according to this author horrible things where happening all those years ago. The earth has always been plagued by evil.  My increased knowledge about world events doesn’t necessarily mean this is a new problem… it just means more than ever we know about it.  This passage tell me my faith in Jesus gives me a chance to have joy anyways… I’m not saying ignore evil.. or do nothing… I’m just saying we don’t have to let it ruin our lives.  We can pray, we can work in our homes and communities to shine a light in this world AND we can live with peace and JOY because that is the gift God gives us when we accept Jesus.

How beautiful!

I want to change our world… but no matter how my story on earth goes, it’s just the prelude to a never ending song of worship that continues in our eternal home.  I cannot place my hope in this life.. not for myself… not for my family… my future is with my Lord and therefore I can live a life of joy knowing my purpose, my final destination and with the assurance that at end of it all HE is the one that makes ALL things beautiful. 

I pray these words encourage you also.



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