four generations on my Mom’s side (2012) – my grandfather pictured just went home to heaven to meet his love, this year.
four generations on my Dad’s side – 2014 – (notice the 4th generation is growing quickly)

A few nights ago at our small group we ended up talking about our testimonies.  Most of us were shy to share and had little to say on the topic.  We agreed we all had “boring testimonies” since faith had been apart of our lives from little on.

Today at church we sang some song about God’s redemptive power in our lives.. (I don’t remember which song it was) but at some point during this song I realized the power of my “boring testimony.” For the first time, it dawned on me, I am a living legacy of the faith that guided the generations before me.

Suddenly I am seeing the grace that has filled my life from the start in a whole new way. Mine is a testimony of God’s faithfulness, not JUST to me but to my parents and their parents…and I believe at least on my Dad’s side his parents, parents and possibly even before that… My testimony is about God’s faithfulness to thousands of prayers, loads of tears and it stretches way back… far before I was even a thought.

I realized the work that was done ahead of me really has made my road to peace, joy, hope, truth and so many more things so much easier than it could have been.  God’s faithfulness to those whose hearts sought him before me really have made my life a better one.

Oh, how I pray this to be true for my own little ones... and their little ones… and on and on… 

I heard a sermon today on the radio about how as christians we all should always have a heart for the generations to come… helping them grow…  sharing the truth with them.. the guy talking was so right!

What other Legacy do we have?

Today I thank God in a whole new way for my boring testimony… I see that I am the recipient of such unimaginable grace that is so much bigger than just me.  I pray this grace carries on…growing through time… creating something so much more beautiful than I will ever be able to fully understand.



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