I am amazed how time can pass, miles can separate us but nonetheless I carry you with me everyday.

You will always be my closest friend.  One of my favorite memories.

Being a big sister, is kinda like being a little Mamma but even better.  You love them, worry for them, wish for them but sometimes you also get the chance to co-conspire, have an adventure and laugh so hard you pee your pants!


My sister, though our lives have changed and you are hours away… I always feel like you are with me.  When I talk to my friends that are expecting the same month as you, I include you in the conversation, just like you are in the room.

I always care.  When you have a bad day, I still wish I could come and make it better. I think back to all those nights together in the same room about talking about whatever silly thought pops in my head with a happy heart. No matter how grown up we get I still share your burdens and am your friend.

Carissa’s Wedding Day!

Now I look at our own set of brothers. They are the same distance apart in age.  I already see the bond forming.  The memories are just starting to be made!

I realized tonight when Isaac reached over to give L his nightly bear hug and gentle kiss that no matter how grown up they get or how different their lives become… they are lucky to have each other!  They will carry each other through. I pray they always look back to these playful moments with happy hearts!

L is already is holding out going to sleep until his big brother joins him in their room. Anytime they are separated his face lights up the second his brother returns! I, in his simple 2 year old way, looks out for his brother, not wanting him to touch or do the wrong thing. He even gives him unprompted hugs through the day. I LOVE watching their brotherly love grow.

Kids have such a way of bringing such perspective to your life.  You can look back and see the simple moments of your life with such tenderness.

I will always have a tender place in my heart for my siblings.

Brother- Caleb, Sister- Carissa and Me!



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