I’ve been thinking a lot about how we ended up here?

If you would have asked me what I thought my life would be like in 5 years, 5 years ago… my answers I know would have me landing in a very different place than I am.   Something messed up the plan, changed my heart and brought us here.

The more I examine I realize -love and passion and faith and calling- all mixed into one pulled our family into uncharted territory.

Here are a few things I’ve learned as I have reluctantly stepped out in faith over the past few years…

Quiet.  The leading of the Holy Spirit is often sounds like a whisper, often unrecognized until you get down the road. I felt this call the day I met Isaac (our oldest).  A life changing sense of love for this kid swept over me the first time I looked into those tiny blue eyes.  I knew my life needed to be different if I was going to be the Momma I wanted to be… but I didn’t know how.  So, I just prayed.

Time.  So many times, things take more time than we think!  We are impatient people but God works with eternity in mind… he isn’t in a rush.  I met Isaac.  Went back to work.  I tucked that call back down into my heart.  I had to wait for His timing.  I had to wait for Him to act in ways only He could in order to see the change unfold.  I had to be patient.

Sacrifice. I’ve given up everything I thought I should be and I’m sure I will be called to give me. Recently, our pastor talked about how the Holy Spirit prods us to live outside the lines and I’ve found that to be true 100% of the time whenever I’ve made a choice I knew was out of love for the Lord and not out of love for myself. BUT the beauty of it all is that when you are pursuing love… it doesn’t feel so much like a sacrifice…it feels natural… like your doing just want your supposed to be doing.  PLUS…all the things I thought I may be “missing out on” God has provided for me beyond what I could have expected (YaY)!

Passion. I was asked at an interview a few weeks ago what are you passionate about?  I was interviewing for a retail job so I probably should have answered something like, I’m passionate about customer service or sales, right? Well, what I said was I passionate about raising strong upright children. Huh?  Well, in that nervous moment it was the only thing that came to mind (ha… I really do get very flustered when I have to talk to lots of adults at once).. ALSO, it’s the truth for me right now.  When God starts leading you to new places a passion starts to grow!

My question for you is, What call has God been whispering into your heart? What passion does he want to give you?

My encouragement is, I know that even when we face change it’s so SCARY and often times hard at first.

When we are brave, I truly believe it is the only way to live that avoids regret.

When we ignore God.  Play it safe. Run away.. God can still work…He is so very patient… But the question then is, What are we missing out on for ourselves?

I’m certain when we choose safe we are sure to look back and see regret.  


NOW, I say this… and I am the most change adverse… wants to play it safe person…HA, so you know these past years have been something real for me. Even though that’s my default setting… my heart tells me it’s no way to live. I am thankful for the grace to overcome my fear and live His adventure out in my life!



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