18891658_10100730891969096_2714739494347231920_oThis weekend my better half turns 31.  We are officially entering our 30’s and we are coming up on 10 years of marriage – I know it’s insane.  We got married at the ripe young ages of 20 and 21.  I could not even legally consume wine at my own wedding.  I mean should people that can’t drink really be allowed to wed?

I often tell people I had to marry Brent so young because he is such a good catch! I had to scoop him up before any competition could come in.  He has been my lucky break in life. I mean how could I know what I was doing at 20? I just got incredibly lucky that God led me into a marriage with the best husband/Dad/partner I could have ever hoped for.

So here we are almost 10 years in and entering what I feel is a new season of life. We are like real adults now.  We have the kids, the van, the house, the dog.  We aren’t young 20 somethings anymore.  Our oldest is going to be a Kindergartner.  I mean this is the real adult stuff.

Seeing our kids lives bound ahead full speed is this amazing reminder of the brevity of our lives.  We are into this adult stuff and it so often feels like we just got started.  I am starting to see how having a partner, one to rely on, to love, to complain to, to cry with with when life is so happy to hurts or so sad you can’t even bear it is one of the best gifts I’ve been given.

Adult life is messy and hard.  I think apart of us always is reaching backwards tying to still be that kid.  I see in this season how much I need you. How deeply I love you.  How my whole heart appreciates you.  Even the things that annoy me- I still secretly love them and would never change them.

So as we get into this new stage where it’s fast and intense, I choose to lean into us. I don’t want the pace, all the needs around us or sleeplessness to steal the love we have been given. I vow to I hold you a little tighter on the long busy days.  Kiss you a little longer when I get the chance.  Relish the moments we can sneak away as sweet gifts amidst the chaos.  And I thank God and also pray each day that I get to grow old with you.

Happy Birthday, my love.


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