Guys, I’m so pumped to share that I have a real, live post on a real live website that real people go to.  Not to discredit my personal blog but I see how many people click on my posts.  I am quite aware that the reach of my personal online venting is pretty short.

The day I got the email that said, yes we will feature your work on Her View from Home, I got a much needed boost. I’ve been submitting posts to any blog I could find online that said they’d take them.  Most of the blogs don’t reply, you’ve gotta have a following to be heard.  Growing a following seems to be a lot of work (props to the Momma’s who find a way to do it!).  So just the news that they’d take little old me’s writing and run it was a win to say the least!

I’m in the trenches of mothering these days.  Three small kids, homeschooling, I drive a van – you know the works! I really struggle to remember to invest in me.  To let there be places that I give, create and work that are just apart of my own personal expression.  I never realized how vital these outlets are until the work of being a Mom grew to an around the clock gig.  Even if this just looks like getting coffee with a friend, attending a workout class, writing, working some outside the home, pursuing a hobby, being involved at church.  Whatever it is, without these things as apart of my regular rhythm, I find it’s easy to loose a sense of self while full time mothering.

Blogging is growing into a much needed outlet for the myriad of thoughts swirling through my crazy brain.  It’s almost like free therapy.  It’s a way for me to think bigger than my four walls, even when I don’t actually get the chance to leave my home.

Anyways, I’m celebrating my win today! I get to share something of my everyday beyond this small home.  I am thankful for this small blessing and pick me up in a moment of mothering in which I’ve been feeling small and overwhelmed.

Now check out my post here on Her View from Home!



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