The past years have been such a journey in allowing myself grace in the wide swings from healthy, to plump to and in between as I have grown three sweet babies.  I know so many woman recover quickly from having babies.  For sure with my first kid, at the young age of 25, I wiggled back into my pre-pregnancy jeans within four months.  This last time, with baby number 3, it took 10 months to get those old jeans on.  I still have 10 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight.  It’s been a much longer road.  My expectations have had to adjust to accommodate my body.

Me finally in my pre-baby jeans, just a few weeks ago!

I got the chance share a bit about my journey on Her View from Home.  Here is the link to my piece on celebrating the Mom Bod.  I truly am amazed at the gifts God has given me through this body.  It’s been worth all the stretching, pulling and hard work.

I strive to live by the last words of my post.  To walk in grace.  Embrace the new Momma me.  Stop looking back.  Have a thankful heart for all I’ve been given.

I’m not saying I won’t keep working on being healthy, losing those last pounds and finding clothes that are not stained (this is not as easy as you may think). Along with those things I will also stop looking back, wishing for a version of myself that is long gone. I am going to start living with a thankful heart for the things my body has done. I am going to allow myself grace and not demand perfection. My prayer is you can do this too and know Momma, that you are truly beautiful.

I hope you can do the same and know how beautiful you truly are!



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