I recently read 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and I LOVED IT (FYI this is not a sponsored post). I seriously loved it so much, I think everyone should read it. I was inspired to begin my own list of 1,000 gifts that I am thankful for.  This is part one of the list, I’m going to post them in sets of 100.  She explains in her book how seeing the tiny beautiful gifts God gives us each day changed her heart and taught her so much about the true nature of God. Really, you just have to read it!

My prayer is that my reflection on God’s sweet goodness will do a work in my heart, just as it did for her.  I thought today, in light of more tragic news of senseless violence, would be a great day to start my project.  My heart has been heavy thinking of the loss others in our nation are facing.  I needed to be reminded that God is good.  

1,000 thanks

Here goes part 1 of my list!

1. Baby laughs

2. The question why?

3. Silly games that make you feel like a kid again

4. Kind strangers

5. Puppies

6. Questions- is this a letter or a number Mommy?

7. Movie time 💙

8. Baby hugs from Ruthie

9. Running into friends when out and about

10. Library books

11. Crisp weather

12. Mid day chats with friends

13. Smell of husband

14. I’m glad to see you kisses

15. Porch swing

16. Less bugs outside

17. Small group ❤️

18. Bedtime hugs

19. Quiet at the end of the day

20. Plans made to be together

21. Baby animals

22. New places to explore

23. Cow milking

24. Hay rides

25. Rosie baby cheeks

26. Brother snuggles

27. Frisbee

28. Corn mazes

29. Rabbits

30. Blankies

31. Baby feet

32. Prayer

33. Bedtime stories

34. Bath time play

35. Fresh from the bath baby smell

36. Sleeping boys

37. Painting pumpkins

38. Learning new things

39. Writing

40. Mosuitos leaving

41. Mimi, PawPaw, Dina and Kayla coming to see Big Boy play soccer

42. Tot lot + friends

43. Family small group night

43. Dancing together to kids worship songs

44. Dirt covered babies

45. Footed PJ’s

46. Mom life

47. Baby swings!

48. Fireplaces

49. Fall leaves on the ground in our front yard

50. Kid crafts

51. School in the living room

52. Brother snuggles

53. Boys abandoning shirts in the backyard

54. Dirt covered baby

55. Food covered baby

56. Turbokick

57. Fresh vegetables

58. Classical Conversations

59. Moving and learning

60. Hugs from friends

61. Helpful in-laws

62. Medicine, when you need it

63. Sunshine

64. Neighbors stopping in on a day your stuck “in”

65. Frogs in the backyard pool

66. Babies swinging high

67. Baby girl laughing at her big brothers

68. Big boy writing happy birthday cards to Grandma

69. Big boy saying sorry in quiet bedtime hours to his little brother, with no prompting from us

70. Wine 🍾

71. Thrift stores helping me up my style on a budget 👍

72. Ice cream and candy, yum

73. Yoga

74. King sized bed! Amen!

75. My Momma helping when I freak!

76. Medicine, antibiotics, doctors!

77. Just the right evening lighting

78. Laundry room

79. Did I say coffee ☕

80. The internet

81. Texting friends and far away sister’s

82. Dishwasher, how did I live without you?

83. Dinner plans

84. Trick or Treating

85. Babies in costumes. Best thing ever.

86. Prayers of hope, after tragedy

87. Three kids playing together

88. Perfect red fall leaves

89. Baby screams of excitement

90. Baby hair bows

91. Legos

92. Fall boots and scarfs

93. Jesus brings His justice

94. My Momma close by ❤️

95. Birthday celebrations

96. Baby socks, even though they never stay on

97. Hubby got up and did his thing

98. Lazy mornings

99. Music at church

100. Big boy questions about Jesus



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