Yesterday was a tough day for us.  It ended with conflict and tears.  The absolute worst way to end a day.

Today, I logged onto Her View From Home, browsing to see what was new. I saw an article titled, “This Hard Season of Marriage,” I thought I need some encouragement in my marriage today, let me read this! I was surprised to see I was the author of the article.  I completely forgot this was going to run today.  Funny thing, my words turned out to be exactly the words I needed to hear today.  Isn’t life funny like that?

This married with kids thing, it’s beautiful.  There are layers upon layers of joy, love and the kind of happiness that almost hurts.  Yet, somehow staying in sync, staying in love, can be so hard.

I told my husband after our fight yesterday is that I want just to feel like I’m on his team.  This thing happened after we added three more people to our home, our lives got crazy busy! Being together, sharing, connecting is hard.  Sometimes even impossible.

My post here shares some of my struggle.  It also captures my heart, which is more than anything, I want to keep at this thing and do my best to love my husband through this crazy season of raising these awesome kids.



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