Just in the past few months of my parenting journey, I’ve realized, my children are capable of being helpful. Amazing! I found, though, that we all need a little practice and prompting to help grow the habit of helpfulness. chore chart

That being said, I am all about easy.  I don’t want a crazy complicated chore board.  I need something simple, easy to edit and right in front of our faces.  I came up with a easy to edit chore chart.  We tape it on the fridge, add check marks when tasks are completed, when the page is full of checks the kids earn something small.  Usually a piece of candy.  This simple reminder keeps up all on track.  3 year old chore chart (1).jpgYou can download the chart here.  I used this chart for my 3 year old.  I have a longer chart we use for our 5 year old.  He can handle more chores, etc.  The great thing is this is easy to edit.  Add rows, change out the pictures and you can make this work perfectly for whatever your goals are for your children.


Hope this helps in your journey raising strong and kind people.



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