I set the goal to write a list of 1,000 things I’m thankful for. I was inspired by this book. Here goes part 2 of my list, numbers 101-200.  Already I’ve had to look a little more closely to see the gifts in my day to day.  I’m loving the perspective this practice brings me, helping me see the miracles in the mundane details of my everyday life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

1,000 thanks.jpg

101. Husband singing baby to sleep

102. Popcorn and melted cheese, yum!

103. Sound machines

104. Leaves covering the lawn

105. Supper Club

106. Essential Oils at bed

107. Baby swing

108. Abuteral

109. Free marriage counseling

110. Helping sister-in-law

111. Praying friends

112. Packing party for Operation Christmas Child!

113. New coffee grinder

114. Slippers

115. Brotherly love at bath time, little says I love you and the big returns an I love you right back

116. Cousins to play with

117. Soccer

118. Biking, lifting, rowing, yes!

119. Kind strangers

120. God said let there be my three littles

121. Pretty books!

122. Netflix

123. Mac’n’cheese

124. Nursing

125. A full night’s rest

126. A van with a self starter and automatic doors

127. A part time job with good people

128. Boys and lotion from head to toe

128. Backyard baseball

129. Critters to wonder at

130. Health

131. An inherited faith from generations of the faithful

132. Homeschool

133. Colors of the evening sky

134. Money for the things we need and want

135. Meeting new people

136. Cake 🍰

137. Mom’s Night Out

138. Soccer parties

139. Warm fall days

140. Sunshine

141. Boys playing tag

142. Baby wearing

143. Breakfast for dinner

144. Snuggles.

145. Worn out from a good day

146. Sore muscles, proving you did something at the gym the day before

147. Hearing the stories of others

148. Boys teasing

149. Big boy school presentations

150. Big windows across the back of our house

151. Friendly faces at work

152. Coming home to pizza and kids swirling through our house

153. Family close by

154. Cousins!

155. Christmas decorations

156. Family traditions

157. Twinkling Christmas lights

158. Watching boys pull out Christmas goodies with wonder

159. Baby girl yells

160. Laughter, after a stressful day

161. Movie trailers

162. Arrested Development

163. Stockings up

164. Anticipation

165. Bon fire with neighbors

166. Boys in jackets and gloves

167. Chili in the fall

168. Friends to sit with at church

169. Friends for my kids to play with at church

170. Some good preaching

171. God uses me

172. My writing being used to encourage strangers

173. Sister and her family in town

174. New niece or nephew, coming soon

175. Beautiful photos of my kids

176. Good conversations

177. Return customers at work

178. Encouragement from Husband

179. Pumpkin whoopee pies, yum

180. Thanksgiving WEEK

181. Miracles are real

182. Dinner cooked by others

183. New brakes on the car

184. Three year old boy hugs

185. Bean covered baby face

186. Thanksgiving girl dresses

187. Strangers volunteering to love my kids

188. NEW Car seat

189. Enough money when we need it

190. Bedtime kisses

191. Stuffed bears and snakes

192. A game of “this little piggy”

193. Christmas music

194. Fluffy comforter

195. Worship music

196. Peace in the night hours

197. Family in town

198. First steps

199. Christmas PJ’s from last year

200.  Mommy can you help me?


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