We do Christmas BIG! We have a big family all close by, which is wonderful.  It means so much food, fun and lots of gifts.  Our kids receive a many exciting new things.  We all love the holidays in our home.

purge.jpgOver the past years, our kids have grown in number and age.   Consequently the stack of toys filling our home have grown too!  We are firm believers that too much stuff is overwhelming for our kids.  We want them to really be able to enjoy and appreciate the things that they have.  This led to implementing an annual holiday purge in our home.  On Her View from Home here I share all about our new tradition. I write about our experience last year:


So, last year, we started a new tradition: we began our first annual whole home holiday purge, and set a goal to donate 250 items from our home over Christmas break. We went through every room and made piles of things we no longer needed, used or wanted. I honestly thought 250 items would be a challenge; we don’t have a huge house and regularly make Goodwill runs. I was shocked to find how easy it was to meet our goal. This year we hope to up our goal to 350 items.

I encourage you to use our idea.  Clear those bins and share them with others who are less fortunate this holiday.  It will only make the gift getting a little sweeter for everyone in your home, knowing there is room to enjoy the new.



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