Every Monday my kids and I facilitate craft time for Cartwheels & Coffee, a local coffee shop with a play land for the kids (awesome, I know).  My kids love getting to participate in making the crafts.  My son often helps me brainstorm ideas of what to make. It’s really a great gig.  Anyways, since I’m already coming up with the ideas, I should go ahead and share them.Untitled drawing

This week we created a mitten with handprints.  Our mittens turned out to be totally easy to make and adorable! This is one you may actually want to keep.

The prep for this is super simple. I grabbed some construction paper, printer paper, extra large stamp pad, sharpie and glue.  I pre-cut the construction paper into the shape of a mitten and printer paper into the shape for the fluffy mitten ends.  I let the kids glue together the mitten and the white mitten ends.  Once that was complete we added the handprints and their names for a finishing touch.  Here is our completed product:


For my older son I had him write his name himself.  He loved stamping his hand. 🙂


I’m sure you could jazz yours up with stickers or jewels.  We wanted to keep ours looking clean and simple so the sweet handprints stood out a bit more.

Hope you and your littles have fun making this sweet craft.

Happy Holidays!


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