And the list continues my friends.  It’s getting harder to put to words the things that make my days richer.  One of the many reasons I’m loving this practice.  There have been many times I’ve sat down feeling completely overwhelmed opened my phone and thought back through my day and added to this list.  After one or two entries the stress starts to lift and a new lens colors my eyes.  2018 is a great time to start your own list.  Allow the holy practice of thankfulness to transform your life from mundane to miraculous.

1,000 thanks.jpg

201. 3 sleeping kids in the car

202. Zoo passes

203. Wild animals

204. Friends you can feel like yourself with

205. Wild wagon rides in the backyard

206. Baby babble

207. The flexible scheduled homeschooling offers

208. Christmas lights

209. Safe husband after bad brakes

210. A welcoming church

211. Chit Chat and laughs

212. Boys making baby girl giggle when she’s supposed to be going to bed

213. Moscato!

214. Lemon Zinger Tea

215. Sharing with other woman

216. That thing that makes us want to try to be better

217. Hard working Hubby

218. The prayer, let me know in my soul I am loved.

219. Peace in the quiet hours, they once were loud in my head and something I dreaded each day

220. No baby coughs tonight

221. Boys bedtime puppet show

222. A boy who’d rather rake than sit

223. Wipsy clouds painted on a clear blue backdrop

224. Leaf piles 🍁

225. A homeschool community to check in with when the doubts come

226. Fresh market cake 🍰, too good

227. Warm fall

228. Lazy mornings with boys in my bed

229. Waking up and remembering to read my Bible first

230. Encouragement from friends, when you feel unsure

231. 3 year old blankies

232. 3 year old soft skin and sweet limbs

233. Morning light

234. Ornament making

235. Gingerbread cookies

236. Christmas songs together

237. A kid’s cocophany of noises and instruments

238. Hot chocolate, yum.

239. A one year old

240. Review day at CC!

241. Balloons

242. Camille tea

243. Wrestling boys

244. Snow in December

245. Big boy snow dance

246. Boys exclaim, it’s the best day ever!

247. Joyful screams in the snow

248. Fluffy white flakes

248. Trees covered in thick snow

249. Chick-fil-a for lunch!

250. Friends to play with at short pump

251. Baby girl smiles at the first notice of snowflakes ❄️

252. Heat is working right now

253. Dinner out with my parents

254. Hugs from the hubs after a long week

255. Forgiveness after loosing my cool with the kids

256. Two full night’s of rest

257. The middle one slept all night in his bed

258. The words, do not worry, you will take care.

259. Hubby home safe after driving a long way in the snow storm

260. Boys making it dark in the living room to pretend go o bed in the morning

261. Gym breaks when it’s gonna be a long week

262. Random “I love you mom’s” from my big boy

263. 2800 views on a blog post!

264. Forgiveness

265. Our inward man is being renewed, even when the outside is falling apart

266. Kids church songs that make an impression

267. Happy birthday Jesus performance at church

268. Slow days

269. Power Wheels 🚘

270. Christmas with my parents and brother and wife , so lucky to have them. ❤️

271. Hubby off for Christmas Break

272. Ornament parties with lots of familiar faces

273. Hubby got in for free at the VMFA and our kids got to see the terracotta soldiers

274. Group date at the Can Can 🥂

275. Friends that think of you

276. Books on CD!

276. New babies 🐣

277. Heartbeats ❤️

278. Eva Dawn ☀️

279. Christmas lights at the James Center

280. Huge Christmas trees

281. Revolving doors and kid smiles

282. Christmas movies 🎄

283. Beach Houses

284. Waves

285. Sand on your feet

286. Wet boy pants from getting too far into the ocean

287. Life and forgiveness after a scary night

288.  Christmas Eve bible readings


290. Silly Christmas Shirts

291. Naps with Hubs

292. 10 years of Marriage

293. Isaac’s tree, back home

294. Tears after my second 10 year in proposal

295. The Best is Yet to Come, over loud speaker at a restaurant

296. Slow days altogether

297. Recovering after a sleepless and sick week

298.  Big boy in a shark costume at bedtime

299. Benadryl

300. All the possibilities a New Year brings

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