This past month with lots of time off and together as a family there has been some extra TV time happening at our house.  In an attempt to infuse some education into this down time we have been watching the Planet Earth series on Netflix.  I have to confess, I love the series.  Nature amazes me! Anyways, this inspired our animal craft from Pinterest this week at Cartwheels and Coffee.

the completed project, added to our wall of kids work 

I found the inspiration for our easy craft here. The prep just took a few minutes.  I cut out several large ovals on black construction paper for the body.  Next, I cut out stacks of orange hearts from construction paper for the kids to use as feet and a nose for their penguin. Finally, I pre-cut one large heart for the belly out of white construction paper.  I gathered up some googly eyes and we were ready to craft.  For the little ones, I helped by applying the glue for their pieces and they helped with assembly.  The big kids just needed a visual to copy and could glue and assemble on their own.

During these cold months easy go to crafts are a lifesaver.  Hope this simple idea helps bring some peace to those long winter indoor afternoons.



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