I woke up this morning and it dawned on me- I feel good!

The first three years of this Mom gig for me were chuck full of sweetness mashed with so many things that felt so hard. I shed many tears. I awoke most mornings greeted by a body screaming at me, begging for me to stay in bed a little longer. I physically ached from the work of growing or feeding a little one. I lost my patience more than I’d care to admit. Managing the demands of professional life and life at home made me feel a little schizophrenic. My plate was very full, indeed.

But more than anything I was tired… so very, very tired.

IMG_20170608_081009Today I wake up in a new season.  One filled with rest… I wake up to slow mornings, filled with coffee, the lovable Curious George and playfully constructed forts! The mission of our each day is simply to explore together and make as many rich memories as possible!

That’s not to say there aren’t challenges, my 3 year old still melts down when I wish he’d rather not and I battle constant worry over exactly how our budget is going to make it from one half of the month to the next. Nonetheless, either the perspective this past season of stretching gave me or maybe it’s just that I can finally sleep each night (most of the time) but this moment feels like a nice long deep breath that I have been waiting for.

I am loving it.  

I share this to let you know, if you are a Mom, struggling through some of those tough times, navigating life through a sleepy fog or balancing a demanding career with a demanding child. Let me just say it does get easier– they will one day sleep! I also give you full permission to make room for rest in your life even in the crazy.  

Rest has unimaginable healing powers. If you are wondering why you are starting to feel like you are being pulled apart at the edges, thinking through how much down time or sleep you’ve had in recent days may be a good way to get to source of the problem!  If where you are at feels like just a bit too much– don’t be afraid to change things.

We had to change a lot these past year.  I’ve changed jobs – a couple of times- we’ve lived a few different places- but more than those physical changes that were necessary to make this more restful, intentional life possible- our hearts have changed.  We have a new set of priorities, not guided by bigger and better but by investing in the little souls that fill our home.

Being intentional is hard. There are always other things we could be doing.  We have to keep going back to the drawing board and evaluating if the opportunities around us match our priority to live a unhurried life.

My goal each day is to appreciate the gift of now. We just get the gift of now once and by God’s grace I strive to live my best life.

10801507_10100248137767386_1342734407290059474_n.jpgI’ve seen many posts about the hard work and economic value of having one spouse mostly at home and I love that this is true.  For me though this time is less about economics and more about having fun.  I have this moment to be in my kids life is a way that never comes again.  I’m finding it to be the most fun I’ve had in a long time and when it’s not fun it’s just worth it.

Our social media driven world has highlighted for me is how fleeting each season is.  The bible says there is a time for each emotion under the sun and it’s our best bet is to embrace each season God brings our way.

So embrace life today! If you are in a tough space.. you can do this.. and if your life me enjoying this sweet moments, drink them in with a thankful heart.




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