This week at Cartwheels and Coffee we made the cutest little mitten craft.  The star of this activity is the stamp pad and handprints.  The kids loved getting their hands covered with ink from the giant pads of ink.  I had wipes on standby, so the mess was easy to contain.
This craft only requires a few supplies.  Red, white and blue construction paper to cut out to make mitts and heart.  You need a giant ink pad, for the handprints.  We added some winter themed stickers so the kids could add some decor.  I also grabbed a black sharpie to add the writing “cold hands, warm heart” and the kids names. Oh, and glue of course.

I pre cut out the mitt pieces and heart before we started the craft.  I had the kids apply their handprints to their mitts before we assembled the project.  I showed them where to glue their pieces and the finishing touch was the snowflake stickers.  In the end we made something that you may even want to keep.  Who can resist art with their kids handprints?

Happy crafting!


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