So the list continues… counting all the simple ways I am blessed and loved by our God…. 

keep dreaming (1).jpg

401. Panera with two of my favorites

402. Girl talk

403. Enneagram

404. Baby girl alseep on Daddy

405. Whole 30

406. Playdates

407. Prayers with Hubs

408. Snow day #2 and 3 of the school year

409. Snow soccer

410. All day all at home together

412. Twister with Hubs 😀

413. Quiet morning hours

414. The ministry of words

415. Flamingos prancing (how is this real? look it up 😹)

416. New year’s goals

417. Safe travels

418. Yummy dinner at friends our sweet friends house 🏠

419. Parsnips, yum!

420. Cozy cheetah print jammies

421. The Wonder of a new hot wheels track

422. Singing songs at church

423. Romp’n’Roll class just for the middle one

424. Daddy dates to raise the spirits of the middle guy

425. One year old curiosity

426. Running into a friend at Cartwheels!

427. Brothers coloring together after bedtime

428. School went well today!

429. Hubby had a snow day ❄️

430. Afternoon gym session

431. The means to eat healthy, at least this month

432. BSF

433. Woman seeking truth

434. Woman willing to teach my kids for free on a Wednesday morning 🌅

435. One year old playing in her crib at Naptime

436. Veggies 🍆

437. Boy haircuts

438. Brother investigating in the dark with their magnifying glass

439. Positive perspective for Hubby

440. A Mom who cooks me dinner still, sometimes

441. Middle one saying “Canaba”

442. Making it through another day on the Whole 30

443. Boys falling in love with trumpets at BSF

444. Baby girl making it through the morning at BSF

445. Big boy paintings, with Daddy falling off the sled

446. Grace when I loose my temper

447. Wisdom to know when I goal is too much for me to meet

448. Jason’s Deli for dinner

449. Evening playing and hanging with friends

450. Coffee with creamer

451. Winter hats ❄️

452. Charades with friends

453. A good belly laugh

454. Dinner with other grown ups 👍

455. Baby girl recovering from a cold

456. Boys running around the church

457. Snow week

458. Hubby doing science experiments with the boys

459. Baby girl not throwing up

460. Boys not getting sick!

461. Olaf towel on middle one

462. Big boy reading faster

463. Help from family to babysit

464. Boys building forts

465. Boys playing with neighbors in the backyard

466. Finding the perfect dress for a bride at work

467. Friends in the trenches with you

468. Playing baby after bedtime

469. Hugs from Mom and Dad

470. Zoo passes

471. Big boy feeding the birds, not wanting to move to protect the birds

472. Little boy jumping with excitement, feeding goats

473. Kale, spinach and pitas!

474. Reassurance from Hubby when I start feeling anxious

475. Friends expecting baby girls!

476. Small group date night

477. Sunshining today

478. All healthy, all week

479. Slow Friday morning

480. Pajama Day!

481. Fish tacos with the parents 🌮

482. This Is Us, I mean they couldn’t make a more sappy show

483. Boys sledding on the back of there Power wheels

484. Friends over for dinner

485. Kids making a crazy mess upstairs

486. Sharing burdens with your closest people

487. Wisdom in uncertainty

488. 60* weather in December

489. Plantains, yum.

490. Healing words from a book

491. Costco lunch

492. Drizzling rain

493. Cozy coat

494. Afternoon rest

495. Train conductor 3 year old

496. Morning snuggles, with all three

497. Warm shower

498. Spring to look forward to

499. Hearing others stories at work

500. Laughing girl, hands full of wipes

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