Fingers crossed we won’t actually get anymore snow here in central Virginia but since this winter has been especially snow filled,  we made sparkly snowflakes for this week’s craft time.

First I cut out long strips of paper.  I used light purple because it seemed more fun than plain white.  I also grabbed a stack of blue construction paper, glue, sparkle paint and Q-tips.

I had the kids glue the purple strips onto the blue paper in a pattern that overlapped to make a snowflake.  If they wanted there was room for two snowflakes for one page.  Then they squeezed on bunches of sparkle paint and used the Q-tips to spread it around to cover their snowflakes and the rest of their pages.  Seems the bigger the kid the more sparkle necessary. 🙂

Sparkle Snowflakes
Easy toddler craft – sparkle snowflakes

Seriously, with the flu everywhere plus it seems like it’s been raining always… we have been doing so many crafts.  How else to fill long days stuck inside? I’m beginning to suffer from some serious spring fever.  Fingers crossed for sunshine and 60*’s sooner than later.

Happy crafting!


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