Here goes part 5 of my list of 1,000 thanks. the more I take time for this list, the more I love this practice.

My realization this week as I look at my list, I have room for more love. There is always room for more. ❤️❤️

500. Two boys snuggle in bed with me

501. Flapping baby feet poking out the edge of her crib at bedtime

502. Tickling my girl at the back of her neck

503. The option to stay home when the flu is running wild

504. Finding deals on 4 year old boy birthday gifts

505. Chick-fil-A milkshakes

506. New neighbors with young kids who are believers

507. Middle one stopping mid playdate to come and give me a kiss

508. Baby girl taking a break from eating breakfast to give me a hug

509. Bedtime questions about DNA and marriage

510. Small group talks that get to the heart of the matter and make you wanna be better

511. Coffee and treats with BFF’s

512. Another year of life to live

513. 31 YEARS, wow

514. Hubby bringing cheesecake and candles to Supper Club

515. Amazing homes to gawk at

516. Hubby making birthday breakfast

517. Hubby buying me the cutest new shoes

518. Hubby surprising me at work with YUMMY lunch

519. Flowers, cards, cupcakes from bosses at work

520. Sweet words on sweet cards from friends

521. Super Bowl snuggles with Hubs

522. Cartwheels and Coffee craft time

523. The chance to write devotional for pay!!

524. Boys playing with stuffed dragons in bed

525. One week- no one got sick!

526. The testimony of friends faithful Grandmother’s

527. Birthday Massage 🙂

528. tacos + friends

529. Parents who can babysit, when we both have to work

530. Birthday Messages from friends and family

531. Baby girl handling anesthesia like a champ

532. Baby girl getting tubes, like it’s no big thing

533. Day trip to the zoo as a family

534. nice dinner out with all five of us at a sweet local place, with sweet local people

535. Mother-in-law’s that watch your kids at 7 AM so you can go together for a procedure

536. Mother-in-law’s that bring bird houses and feed so the kids can watch the birds in the backyard

537. Mother-in-law’s that bring you great birthday gifts

538. Mother-in-law’s that bring bags of yummy food, now you don’t have to make a stop at the grocery store

539. Parents that insist you need new cabinets and help build them

540. boys making “toy garages” in bed at night

541. No one sick in our house for 2 whole weeks! Hallelujah!

542. Hubby cleaning up our house

543. Curry chicken +friends

544. Vietnamese food and my favorite Vietnamese people

546. Chocolate cake and best buds

547. Support from hubby when I feel unsure

548. 78*, yes!

549. The Tot Lot 👍

550. Boys pretending to transform into a variety of vehicles

551. Baby girl covered in dirt

552. Open doors and windows

553. Cutting cards for church

554. Dinner with parents

555. Squishy baby feet

556. Backyard with little friends throwing their hands in the air with delight in the power wheel

557. Big boy making progress as a reader

558. Camillian’s

559. Clean windows

560. Warm enough weather for afternoon walks

561. 3 year old love for workout clothes, Batman undies and water shoes

562. Shopping by myself

563. High schoolers protesting after more violence

564. Lewis Ginter trip, on a friend’s pass!

565. Billable writing time 👍👍

566. Libraries 📚

567. Finding our groove in the school year

568. Feeling more at ease post IUD

569. Little boy screaming with joy over a Spider Man from Grandma and P-paw

570. A house full of kids running wild

571. The perfect weather on a February night 🙏

572. New friends and old friends

573. So many sweet gifts from out boy 🎁

574. Little boy saying, “Mom, this is my special day!”

575. Silly string

576. Fire pit in the backyard

577. Little boy in bed with new Mickey PJ’s and new slippers on 😍

578. Mom’s who bring cupcakes

579. Safe brother and sister after a scary incident

580. Sister in laws that’s bring veggie trays

581. Mother-in-law’s who bring goody bags and drinks!

582. Laughter all over our home

583. So many folks that love our family well

584. Room to love even more

585. 4 years with our 🐻

586. Baby girl sneaking cupcakes whenever possible

587. A FULL ❤️

588. Encouraging words shared at church

589. Donuts with friends

590. Family Sunday nap!!!

591. Boys playing Putt-Putt

592. Walking with my girl

593. Girl playing in the sand

594. Girl ok after hives again

595. My parents hanging with the kids

596. Small group leader training

597. Bedtime chats with the hubs

598. Prayers for calm when I start to worry

599. A hug from a friend

600. A Sunday off

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