I’ve been slow to complete this 100…. The past two months have felt tough for me.  I’ve dipped into some pretty dark places and probably working on my list would have helped!  With spring in the air I feel a new wave of grace for myself and our family.  It seems in life more stressful cycles are followed by more gracious ones.  I’m thankful to step into the grace and let the heaviness of winter behind.  Thank you Lord for spring!


601. New opportunities that come at the perfect time in the perfect way

602. Free tickets to see Cinderella

603. Brave middle boy learning to swim

604. Ressurrection eggs

605. Afternoon outside time

606. God protects me like a shield

607. Girl woke up only once last night

608. Clear ears

609. We made it out of the grocery store

610. Dunkin Coffee ☕

611. New part time work!

612. Clean fridge

613. Helpful boys

614. Girl grabs her seahorse to snuggle after first wake up

615. Girl in oversized sweatshirt

616. Girl trying to “meow”

617. MY DAD

618. Dinner at my parents

619. Squeezing in a quick run and stretch

620. Surviving 3 nights solo with the kids

621. Big boy learning his CC songs and singings random pieces of them throughout the day

621. Little House on the Praire on Audiobook

622. Safe girl after falling out the power wheels

623. Lunch with Mom

624. Popcorn + Rescue Bots in bed with boys

625. Sunshine long enough for afternoon play and neighbors to play with!

626. Conversations about God with my boys

627. Extra 💸

628. Sparkling Water

629. Tears, to lighten the load

630. Helpful Doctors!

631. Butterflies

632. Popcorn + Planet Earth with the big one

633. Night out with a friend

634. Indian food, yum!

635. New part time job, with a great pace

636. Sunday church + friends + donuts

637. Sunday afternoon projects

638. New lattice

639. Neighbors for dinner

640. Parents dropping in

641. Easter Sunday

642. Beach vacation 🌊🏖️n

643. Miraculous new job for Brent

644. More money

645. Encouraging verses

646. Hot tub and pool

647. Aquarium 🐚🐢

648. The sunrise

649. Beauty hidden in all the details

650. Morning cartoons with the middle boy in Mickey PJ’s

651. Warm slippers

652. Ocean sounds

653. Naps

654. End of year CC celebration

655. Mrs. Heather

656. Oldest saying he loves his teacher

657. Panda 🐼 pictures with hearts and my name

658. T-BALL

659. Chick-fil-A milkshakes

660. Neighbors to play with

661. Perfect Spring Breeze

662. Baby girl covered in dirt at T-ball

663. Playdates

664. Park Mornings


666. Clean Eating

667. Psalm 128

670. Parents Babysitting

671. Hanging with Parents for Dinner

672. New Baby Niece on her way into the world

673. Warm Cookies

674. Sunday Stoll

675. Baby Girl Squeezes

676. K-NEX Spiders

677. Sand to play in

678. Gardens to plant

679. Sleeping Littles

680. Sample Oils

681. Blackseed Oil

682. Laura Ingels Wilder

683. Free Mornings

684. Pink flowers on our “Isaac tree”

685. Green leaves on our backyard trees

686. Girls Night

687. Bringing big boy to the Food my Starving Children event

688.  Holding my new niece

689. Sweet cards from Brent’s former students

690. Brent’s first day at VCU!!!

691. Hubby forgiving me, when I be crazzzzyyy

692. Afternoon Nap

693. A good cry

694. New used toys

695. Learning how to cook new things!

696. Big boy making friends in Kids Church

697. Baby girl coloring butterflies at Cartwheels

698.  Baby girl not waking up coughing for three nights in a row

699. Netflix in bed

700. Spring has Sprung!

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