I FINALLY made it to 1,000.  ❤

I love this list and all the blessings it counts.  It took some time but it’s worth it to remember God is good in the land of the living.  Happy Holiday’s my friends, may you take time to be thankful for God’s goodness in your life!

900. Our 2018-2019 HOMESCHOOL CREW

901. Community Bible Study

902. Pocahontas State Park Homeschool Classes

903. ALL the kids playing in the rain

904. Running in the Rain with Alexis

905. Woman’s Connect at the Chapel

906. Marriage Counseling at the Chapel

907. SAFE after the storm


909. Three kids in one tiny room

910. Small Group back in session

911. 10 YEAR Celebration at Area 10

912. Field Day of the Past

913. Goodwill DEALZ

914. Homeschool Meet and Greet

915. Marriage Counseling

916. Time outdoors as a family

917. STARS

918. Girl hugging her Dog

920. Lunch with Mom

921. No down trees in our yard

922. First cool day of FALL

923. Healthy Fall, to this point

924. Surprise DATE NIGHT

925. Fire pit + Chili + FAMILY, yes!

926. A successful camping trip for 2018 with friends

927. S’MORES

928. NO MORE MOSQUITOS, praise Jesus

929. the cuteness of Panda’s

930. Apple Festival with Greenfield’s!

931. ZOO Birthday Party for Jackson

932. Cool evening outside with Supper Club buds 🙂

933. Brunch with BESTIES


935. Kids cruisin’ in their power wheels

936. Pumpkin Spice Latte Sunday at the Chapel

937. Rainy day spent at home

938. Family Movie night and Popcorn

939. Trunk or Treat at the Chapel

940. Moe’s for dinner with friends

945. Boy celebrating 6th Birthday with Atticus

946. Beautiful morning at the Tot Lot

947. A better Monday than Sunday

948. Forgiveness

949. First Wednesday and Nicole Unice

950. Operation Christmas Child


952. Friends willing to bring our boys to Great Wolf Lodge with them ❤️

953. Brent coming home early

954. Amazing marriage counseling

955. Woman’s Connect at the Chapel

956. My CBS core group!

957. CAVA dinner, yum!

958. End of year soccer party

959. Lunch with Mom

960. Homeschool Hangout with Chapel families

961. Morning coffee with Em 💞

962. Big boy going down big slide!

963. Special time with my girl

964. Thanksgiving with family

965. New nephew on his way!

966. BIG GIRL’s TWO year old PARTY

967.  Girl changing baby dolls diapers, over and over

968. Last minute at home date night

969. Christmas shopping

970.  Review day at CC

971.  Bass Pro and Santa for girl’s 2nd Birthday

972.  I made HOMEMADE yogurt, who am I?

973.  Saturday day off

974. SNOW in the forecast

975.  Boys playing outside ALL DAY with friends

976.  Small Group gingerbread houses

977. Christmas Decorations

978. YOGA

979. Thrifty finds!

980.  Greenfield’s for dinner!

981. New meaning added to my last minute TATTOO all the time 🙂

982.  BOYS outside all day with neighbors!

983.  Less arguments this month and getting over fights faster and better

984.  Grace for the days I truly just fall apart, the will to get up and try again

985.  Lucas wanting to learn his letters

986.  Morning gym sesh

987.  Homemade Bone Broth, again WHO AM I?

988.  GIANT Blow UP outside decorations

989.  Beautiful day at MAYMONT with Great Grandparents

990. Brunch with the family

991.  Part time job that feels just the right size for now

992.  Big boy being able to tell us when he’s scared or upset

993.  Boys falling asleep together

994.  Girl chasing Adam

995. Girl grabbing my hand when we sang her happy birthday at her party

996.  Hubby leaning in, again and again

997.  Diffusing Christmas scents

998.  Emily & Boys over the lunch

999. Healthy physical

1000.  Jesus ❤


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