How to sum up a year?

The first most amazing, exciting, our world changing thing that came in this year was Brent got a new J-O-B!  He had felt that he was in need of a change (even though he was very thankful for the chance to teach) .  He began pursuing IT certificates, in an attempt to widen his job prospects (surprisingly, there are few professions searching out orchestra teachers, ha).  We both had been hoping and praying (alongside our family, friends and small group) for an opportunity to come along for our family.

God came through for us! Along with the help of some really great friends.  By a miracle, Brent got an interview for a position at VCU at the dental school, for a position in academic support.  God, gave him such favor! He was one of 5 candidates, nonetheless, he went in for the interview and came out with a job offer!!! We still can’t believe it and we know this was something only God could have provided for our family.  God also made a way for Brent to have a smooth transition out of teaching, provided a great teacher to fill his spot and we are so very thankful!  He has been at VCU since April and He loves the job.

Another amazing perk of his new position, is Brent has the ability to go back to school at VCU.  He started classes this fall, towards his maters in educational technology. We are thrilled for the chance for him to learn and grow in his new field of work!

In addition to a better work environment, Brent’s job has made it possible for me to work only VERY part time and Brent has been able to quit his part time job, teaching music lessons.  This has been a HUGE blessing as we have moved into a season where more time together/down time has felt necessary as the demands for raising three kids and homeschooling have grown.

IMG_0037-1Isaac, completed Kindergarten this year and is in the middle of first grade.  He has a curious mind and is a fast learner.  It’s been a joy to see him progress academically as well as grow in his interests/passions.  He currently LOVES building with KNEX, soccer, t-ball, science and animals.

Year two of our homeschool journey has felt much more successful than year one!  We’ve connected with a strong group of homeschoolers that we can lean on for support and community.  We also have found a better rhythm when it comes to completing our school work. Honestly, I’ve just grown more comfortable in my homeschooling Mom skin.

This year Isaac and Lucas have had the chance to be apart of classes at our Classical Conversations co-op, we joined Community Bible Study (which we ALL love dearly), the boys played soccer this fall, have gotten connected with homeschooling classes at Pocahontas State Park,  they have started doing learning activities together a few times a month with a small group of our homeschooling buddies and have loved going on some amazing field trips.  We are thankful for the ability to be apart of a city/community that has so much to offer to homeschoolers.  We know God has provided for us in HUGE ways, as stepping into homeschool was a huge leap of faith for our family.

IMG_0040Lucas, has really grown in his independence as he has started participating in his own classes and activities.  He loves doing presentations at Classical Conversations and even has a special speaking voice for this event.  He has a BIG tender heart and loves being outside more than anything else.

IMG_0020Ruthie, our little force of nature, just turned TWO! She is JOY in a small and sweet body.  She’s currently OBSESSED with babies.  She is SO big and figured out how to escape her bed only weeks after turning two, so we have moved her to a toddler bed.  She adds spunk and spirit to our home and we are all so in love with that little girl.

This year we got the chance to travel to Nags Head with Brent’s family.  This beach trip has become a highlight of our year and we are very thankful to Brent’s parents for making the trip possible for us all.  We visited my sister and her family in their new home in Nashville.  We got in one sweet camping trip and squeezed in a impromptu beach weekend both with friends.

This summer marked one year attending the Chapel.  We are thankful for this new community God called us to.  The real place of our spiritual growth has been in our small group.  This community has held us in prayer when we needed it and we are very thankful for God bringing this random group together.  They are an answered prayer, as we prayed for years we’d find a strong small group to connect to after having kids!

This year, has had it’s challenges, as all years do, but the story has been God providing.

We could not keep on without God’s grace and without the family and friends that love us and our family so well.  So, thank you, for being there for us.  For praying for us.  For encouraging us when we needed it.

May we all  have the eyes to see God’s gracious provision in 2019! He is always at work.

My final prayer has been to not grow weary in doing good (Galatians 6:9).  This applies so well to full time motherhood/homeschooling and maybe also being married with kids.  It’s a fierce job/life and it comes with the biggest rewards but will leave you fully exhausted too! I pray for me and you that we can rely more heavily on God’s grace than ever before as we move into a new year!

Merry Christmas and so much love from the Idleman’s 



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