Next year is the first year we will have TWO school aged kids in our home.  It’s been so nice to have two years to ease into homeschooling. We’ve learned a lot, which I’m sure will make Lucas’ Kindergarten year an easier transition for us all.  For my oldest Kindergarten year we used Abeka which actually was a great way for me to start homeschooling.  It told me exactly what to do, took no daily prep and came with a ton of cute games to learn with.  This year we are trying something a little different, mostly so our boys have more overlap in the kinds of activities they will be doing (not because we didn’t like Abeka).

img_0019Here are our Kindergarten curriculum/chosen activities for next year:


Saxon Math

We’ve decided to use Saxon for both our boys.  I’ve never done the level K so I’m curious to see what it’s like.  I like that it’s repetitive, lending to quick independence and instill’s confidence in the student.  Lucas seems to have a good head for math but I still want to start at the beginning with him just to make sure he has a strong foundation.

The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts

I actually bought the Level K already for next year but after looking through it I think I’m going to need to go back and get the Level K Primer to start with.  My son is starting with some letter knowledge but he hasn’t mastered letter identification or all the letter sounds so we need to do the Primer before we start Level K.

I LOVE how affordable this program is.  We used it last year for first grade and found that is has a lot of rigor, we like how the program is organized and it’s really pretty too.  I don’t think you could really get a better bang for your buck.


We are merging handwriting with our review of our Classical Conversations content and bought their handwriting workbook.  I think this will help us to remember to review more at home (hopefully).  I also will use the handwriting manual I have from our Abeka curriculum to help Lucas learn print as well.

Classical Conversations

Pretty much all of the other content we cover is through being apart of a Classical Conversations co-op.  I love that we can be apart of a community of homeschoolers and my kids get to be apart of a class one day a week and get to learn so much content that I would struggle to cover on my own.  During their time at the co-op they learn history, science, fine arts, math, latin, geography and english. Lucas started with CC this past year and was a champ (the benefits of going after his older brother).  He’s looking forward to next year already.

img_20190207_111420We review during the week at home (some… I hope to do more at home review this coming year). They review and learn new content each week when they go to their classes.


For my Richmond Homeschool friends, there a few other great homeschool things we have got connected with that add so much to our time together!

unnamed-7First, is Community Bible Study at Third Church in Richmond.  This location has an AMAZING homeschool program that goes all they way up! This is ALL of our favorite activity of the week.  The kids love their sweet teachers that are teaching them about the bible in truly amazing ways.  I get some me time in core group and at the lecture.  It is the thing that fill all of our cups.  Join and soon because the spots for the kids fill up so fast!

Next, we do Chesterfield Homeschool Sports the older my crew gets the more amazing this activity feels for our family.  It’s a really low key and inexpensive way for our kids to play soccer and t-ball.  Even though the league is not ultra competitive, it’s a lot of fun and gets us outside in the afternoons!  My boys love it.

We also try to attend all the Pocahontas State Park Homeschool Happenings. The rangers offer a monthly class for homeschoolers that is only $3 a student!  The lessons are always science or nature focused and are very hands on.  It’s a great way to supplement all the other things and get out of the house!

Hope these reviews/suggestions help you as you find your way through this homeschool stuff!  I’ve found that all the decisions you have to make for your kids can feel heavy but prayer, getting advice from those a little ahead of you and talking it over with your spouse go a long way in making it all feel just a bit easier.




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