Our family is at the start of a new beginning! We are entering a part of our lives where grace reaches down from Heaven, nudges our hearts to step out to love a little more than we thought possible. By Grace we have what we need to make this God-inspired dream a reality.  We are at the start of the long journey towards foster-to- adoption with the hopes to add a fourth precious human to our tribe.

As with most God stories, ours started with a gentle whisper that has grown into a call to action.  Years back, as a inner-city teacher, I got a glimpse into the pain that many  children in our city endure.  Even with loving parents these kids experiences are limited and their stress levels are high.  I heard the whisper then, showing me that I have access to so more than most.

Years have passed and we have welcomed three lives into our family and our hearts have been abundantly blessed through the gift of our children.  I knew after giving birth to three beautiful babies I was ready to close the door on having more biological children. Yet, the idea of adopting kept resurfacing in my mind.  I wasn’t sure of the when and didn’t know the how but I felt the nudge.

Then this past six months we have heard study after study about taking care of the one.  About trusting God to take uncomfortable steps of faith.  God has been bringing us face-to-face with the Truth which is that heart of God is for the least of these.  We prayed that terrifying prayer that invited God to disrupt our normal for His glory.  We really didn’t know what the next step would be but when you pray that kind of prayer God is always sure to show up in a big way in your life.

Fast forward to July and we decided to attend a foster-to-adopt informational meeting… just to, you know, to see what this was all about.  Brent and I walked out of this brief meeting feeling like this was the step.  It was one of those rare moments of clarity that pushed passed the many, many fears that had prevented us from taking action steps in the past.  There was only one reservation I still held onto… I knew we needed more space in our home to add another person to our family.

Immediately, I started browsing homes online and asked Brent if we could just investigate the possibility of finding a home with a fourth bedroom.  Right away I stumbled across a home that had all my wish list items in it.  A few months back our pastor had encouraged us to write a “Bucket List” to invite God to work on our behalf.  I had listed my dream house items: screened in porch, charm, updated, hardwood floors, and big yard. This house checked off all the boxes.  On top of that I had this strange idea months ago that we would one day live in the Shenandoah neighborhood.  I’d never even drove into the neighborhood before so I dismissed the thought as weird and kept moving on. (Bet you can guess where our new house is)

We walked through the house (I fell more in love) and decided to see if we could put an offer in.  That offer set off a flurry of activity, including many delays, and lots of hard work.  The end result is us buying our grace house!


This home is a testimony of God’s wild provision when we think there is no possible way our needs could be met that well.  It’s a gift to me, showing me that my tiny desires like a screened in porch, matter to God (even in a broken and suffering world).  It’s also a clear push to take the next steps to adopt (no more excuses).

It’s also a story I can’t wait to tell our future child.  I want them to know that God loved them so much He pulled them out of a broken situation, gave them parents and brothers and sisters that love them, and gave them a beautiful home with a lovely room just for them.  They will likely doubt their place in the world, just as I already doubt my ability to mother them well, but we have this HOME to look back to and REMEMBER (as the Bible so frequently prompt our wondering minds to do) that God has provided and will provide for all our needs.

So here we are at a new beginning… the social worker asked us how we thought our lives where going to change?  We answered with an honest: We really don’t know?? All we know is that our lives WILL change in the next months and years. We are as ready as we ever will be to follow the leading of the Lord.

We invite you to pray for us.  We are not perfect!  We fight, we struggle with patience with our kids, and are afraid of what opening up our home to a child that didn’t come from the two of us will look like.  We can only do this with the help of the Lord and our amazingly supportive tribe.  Keep us in prayer as we step into the unknown.

AND specifically pray for our child, whoever they are… until they are with us they are likely in a place that is plagued by darkness… We ask that you pray protection and grace over this sweet baby.

Lastly, We plan to share our journey here on our blog.  We don’t know what to expect and I bet if you’ve ever considered adopting or fostering you’ve felt the same way.  We plan to share our journey as we learn and grow (so stay tuned).


The Idleman’s


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