The Hubs and I are a few sessions into our foster care training.   I posted on my Instagram after the first session that we came out 100% overwhelmed!!! We got a hint of what we were saying “yes” to and fear swooped right in.  Thankfully this past week we took a moment, talked to each other, having been praying, and reaching out to others who have done this thing to get a better sense of what to expect.  We still are scared but are feeling like this is a risk we can take.

img_20190920_103646Apart of me feeling overwhelmed is that my eyes are being opened to a whole broken world, where there are not easy answers.  So many questions about what really is the right way to help these children and their birth parents have being swirling in my head.

If the goal is reunification should babies ever be taken from their Mom’s when born with drugs in their systems?  How much compassion do these failed parents deserve?  Is it best for kids to keep bouncing from placement back to their parents or should adoption come sooner?  Could we handle returning a small kid to it’s birth mother if they end up having an extended stay in our home? Are we really able to fully live up to the expectations set out for foster parents, I mean we do our best but we aren’t perfect parents ourselves?  And the list goes on….

I suppose with every “faith step” unanswered questions are apart of the package.  I know one thing, we have A LOT to learn.  This process is stretching us to put a lot more action behind the nice Christian sentiment we say we value, to help the least of these.  Our lives are lovely, currently free of pain, darkness, and we are actively taking a step towards the darker places in this world.

I think it’s easy for the Devil to trick us to thinking that nice, stable, and happy is it! Once we got that, we’ve arrived.  Why mess up a good thing? I’ve sure thought those thoughts more than once as we’ve contemplated this “yes.” The Bible tells us to shine the light into the dark places.  We won’t be perfect at this thing.  All we can do is our best and with the help of Jesus, that best can go a lot farther than we could imagine (at least that’s my hope).

So all that to say, we are overwhelmed but pressing forward.  Hoping our small “yes” is enough for one kid and we know God will help our yes grow over time (we won’t be pro’s overnight).  Also, the training has helped me learn more about being a good Mom to our biological kids, so that’s an added bonus.

Keep praying for us.  It’s so easy to get off track, we need all the prayers we can get.



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