We’ve done it.  We’ve completed the paperwork, our home visit, and physicals.  We now are just waiting.

We first have to wait for all the mountains of paperwork to be processed.  They still have to complete a background check on us, which takes weeks.  In about 4-6 weeks, we should get that approval e-mail saying we are allowed to accept a child into our home.


After that it’s waiting for the one or many who will make our home their home.  The weirdest part of this is knowing that at some point our lives will shift dramatically but having no idea when or what exactly that will look like.

For now my mind just gets to swirl with questions:  Will they stay or will some come and go?  Will we have a boy or a girl? Will we be starting with a baby or jumping straight into toddlerhood?  What kind of family will they have come from?  Will they know that we love them, even though we don’t know them yet?

Yesterday was our home visit.  It felt nice to sit down again and talk through the details of what we are saying yes to. Our parent worker has been AMAZING.  She herself has fostered and adopted MANY kids so her passion is infectious and her honesty is so very comforting.  She has been a huge blessing to us in this sometimes scary process.

The kids got to have their moment with our worker. Ruthie of course declaring that she gets “lots of spankings” which by the way is not true but you never know what your two year old is going to say! They all told her they wanted a baby.  I hope their wish comes true.

I’m so impressed at their ability to rally behind this cause.  They are all in, less scared and way more excited than us.  That “child like faith” truly is amazing.

A few weeks back I was getting afraid (as I often do) and a friend reminded me to PRAY big faith filled prayers.  God’s got this (I surely don’t).  It was a wonderful reminder… because most of my battles are in my mind.  God wants me to capture my thoughts and believe that HE CAN…. It’s a struggle though.

This week I’m excited though! Optimistic about expanding our hearts and opening our home.  Believing God is writing a good story for our future child… not for us but because He LOVES them with an unfathomable sort of love.  He’s got this.  



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