This week we got the news we are officially approved as Foster Parents.

One step closer to growing our family a less traditional way. Since being approved I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be prepared….

Of course our training aimed to “prepare us” for what it is going to take to successfully step into this new role.  We’ve been working at preparing our kids to be ready to receive into our home a child that will need all of our collective love and attention.  I’ve read books on the Foster Care system.  We’ve talked to friends and other Foster parents about their experiences.

We’ve prepared a room, as best as we can not knowing their age or gender.  I’ve added a bunch of Foster parents to my Instagram feed and read articles trying to get a sense of how we should approach the new conversations we will be having about adoption, trauma, foster care, and beyond.  We’ve even watched Instant Family (which was great, by the way).

We are doing all we can to be prepared… but quite honestly I have no clue what to expect.

I feel a lot like we did when I was pregnant with Isaac; naive, hopeful, scared, and totally clueless.

How do you prepare for things like this? We are walking into entirely uncharted territory.  Just like other life-changing events (death, pregnancy, loss, marriage)…

All we know for sure is that soon our whole lives will be turned upside down in a day. 

There are unknowns, upon unknowns on this journey… that will likely take months, possibly years to get sorted out.

Will it be worth it? Will it work out for the good of our family and for the family whose story will soon be intertwined with ours?

We don’t know.  We can’t know.

Now we just wait and we pray.  We will with naive hopefulness jump into whatever comes next. That’s what love and faith look like, I suppose.

My prayer for this one that is coming is that they would know that God has a hope and a future for them (Jeremiah 29:11)… despite whatever their beginning look like.  That God’s great love for them, would be more real in their lives than whatever trauma they endure.

So are we prepared? By faith, God will give us what we need to do this thing. I guess, that’s as close as we will ever get to “prepared.”



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