I’m a little behind in this post, New Year’s has passed and I’m just getting around to writing about what I feel my focus should be…but that’s how it goes.


When I sat to reflect on what I wanted to be mindful of as I embark on a new calendar year, two words came brightly into my mind: SIMPLE & COMMITTED.

Last year was all about learning, growing, and a I had a lot of personal changes I needed to make to be a better me.  As I start 2020, I felt in my heart that I did not need to add a new layer to my life by jumping into an elimination diet, trying out a new fitness routine, or aspiring to read piles of books this year (all things I love and have tried before).  Instead, I just need to remain simply focused on the tiny adjustments I’ve made that help keep me healthy in mind and body.

Often times what we need to improve is not new, more, or extra; it’s less, focused, intentional, unhurried, and simple.

I want to simply focus on my people.  Striving to love them well.  Starting first with my immediate family- my husband, my kids… our extended family… and our friends that also feel like family.  Not that I want to block out the rest of the world but sometimes I kinda have to in order to be present for the ones that I’m in it deep with.

I want to simple be dedicated to doing the things that keep my mind and body in a good space.  Exercise, good food choices, time with friends, reading, writing, dates with my hubby. I want to give myself permission to get overwhelmed over tiny things this year and be okay with giving myself a pass to pause and do the things that help restore my soul.

Confesion: I’ve been convinced that I can do ALL things on my OWN…for probably my whole life.  I’ve chronically looked down on myself for not having endless patience, energy, joy, or brainpower.

Immersive motherhood will show you limits you never knew you had.  While, I’ve resisted and failed miserably on my own; this experience has brought me face-to-face with my profound need for grace.

I think until recent times, I truly didn’t believe I was a person in need of grace.  What ugly pride living in me.

I’m a recovering control freak (like all the rest of us).  I probably will be stretched again in new ways this year (as our family grows through Foster care) and my earnest prayer is that I get through it by grace. I know I can’t do this year on my own.

What are your New Year’s thoughts and intentions?



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