1,000 Thanks (part 8)

Almost finished up with my list of 1,000 tiny things that I'm so thankful for.  Summertime is my favorite.  There are so many tiny blessings, starting with sunshine, that fill the days.  I'm thankful for seasons of rest and joy that prepare us for the fall and routines.  Enjoy these last weeks of summer my … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks (part 8)

First Grade Curriculum Picks

Summer.. oh we've been loving it. I ended this year feeling plain wore out. Summer has been the most refreshing break amidst the hustle of growing up three great kids. That being said I've been slowly easing myself into planning and preparation for first grade and year two of homeschooling. I learned some really important … Continue reading First Grade Curriculum Picks

5 Family Friendly Audio Books for the Summer

We have three kids and have officially hit the stage in which there is competition over who gets to talk first when in the car! This conflict can be maddening for me as a parent.  One great solution I’ve found to this new problem is to always have a audio book on loan from the … Continue reading 5 Family Friendly Audio Books for the Summer

Take Time to See Her

There are seasons of this SAHM life that can get pretty tough. The trouble I've had is, it's hard to explain why. It's hard to put words around why this beautiful thing, this sweet precious time spent in togethernesses can feel heavy and hard. In our current culture, I've found that it's easy to be … Continue reading Take Time to See Her

Homeschool Year One in Review

We are coming the end of year one of homeschooling. It's been an adventure! I started this year with so much fear and trepidation. So concerned if I was making the "right"choice. It turns out my fear was somewhat warranted, this year felt like a huge leap into a new land for our family, yet … Continue reading Homeschool Year One in Review

Five Free Richmond Indoor Outings for Kids

If your at home during the week with your kids then I probably don't have to tell you the winter months are the hardest. After a week or two with everyone stuck indoors, getting out of the house is an absolute must for the sanity of all! Here are our top five free Richmond preschooler … Continue reading Five Free Richmond Indoor Outings for Kids

Five Ways to Include Dad in Homeschooling

The heart of homeschooling is family.  The choice to homeschool affects the whole home! It may interrupt naps for little ones, it may change Mom's availability for toddlers.  It means research, planing and teaching for Mom.  But what about Dad you may ask? Dad's are essential to the homeschool life.  Deciding the teach your kids … Continue reading Five Ways to Include Dad in Homeschooling

Sparkle Snowflakes

Fingers crossed we won't actually get anymore snow here in central Virginia but since this winter has been especially snow filled,  we made sparkly snowflakes for this week's craft time. First I cut out long strips of paper.  I used light purple because it seemed more fun than plain white.  I also grabbed a stack … Continue reading Sparkle Snowflakes

Winter Mittens Craft

This week at Cartwheels and Coffee we made the cutest little mitten craft.  The star of this activity is the stamp pad and handprints.  The kids loved getting their hands covered with ink from the giant pads of ink.  I had wipes on standby, so the mess was easy to contain. This craft only requires … Continue reading Winter Mittens Craft

Lovable Penguin Craft

This past month with lots of time off and together as a family there has been some extra TV time happening at our house.  In an attempt to infuse some education into this down time we have been watching the Planet Earth series on Netflix.  I have to confess, I love the series.  Nature amazes … Continue reading Lovable Penguin Craft