Five Family Friendly Audio Book Titles

Guys, I can’t tell you how much we love audio books in our house.  They are amazing! We listen to them constantly in the car. It helps manage some of the drive time sibling conflict.  We also all love listening to stories. Here are a few recent listens that really captivated our attention.   The … Continue reading Five Family Friendly Audio Book Titles

Merry Christmas from the Idleman’s

2018 How to sum up a year? The first most amazing, exciting, our world changing thing that came in this year was Brent got a new J-O-B!  He had felt that he was in need of a change (even though he was very thankful for the chance to teach) .  He began pursuing IT certificates, … Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Idleman’s

1,000 Thanks!!!!

I FINALLY made it to 1,000.  ❤ I love this list and all the blessings it counts.  It took some time but it's worth it to remember God is good in the land of the living.  Happy Holiday's my friends, may you take time to be thankful for God's goodness in your life! 900. Our … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks!!!!