1,000 Thanks (part 8)

Almost finished up with my list of 1,000 tiny things that I'm so thankful for.  Summertime is my favorite.  There are so many tiny blessings, starting with sunshine, that fill the days.  I'm thankful for seasons of rest and joy that prepare us for the fall and routines.  Enjoy these last weeks of summer my … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks (part 8)

A Momma Body is a Beautiful Thing

Tonight I took a rare long, warm, soothing shower. I was reminded of nights not long ago when the only way I could relax and relieve some of my round body aches was to shower. During the end of my pregnancies I would look down at my stretched, full midsection. What I saw looked more … Continue reading A Momma Body is a Beautiful Thing

Third Baby and Still Clueless

It seems that after having three babies and being a parent for five years, there are so many things about having a baby I just can’t quite figure out how to do well! So often people say, “Well, you have three so you should be a pro,” or “Well, with three that should be easy.” … Continue reading Third Baby and Still Clueless

New Momma Breastfeeding 101

There are very few things in motherhood that have come more easily for me than others. I feel grateful that one of those things has been nursing.  Especially since this happened entirely by accident.  When I became a Mom, I had no clue what I was walking into. For some reason, I actually never considered … Continue reading New Momma Breastfeeding 101

This Momma Body

The past years have been such a journey in allowing myself grace in the wide swings from healthy, to plump to and in between as I have grown three sweet babies.  I know so many woman recover quickly from having babies.  For sure with my first kid, at the young age of 25, I wiggled … Continue reading This Momma Body

My Struggle with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

I've been thinking a lot about how to write about my story with postpartum depression and anxiety over the past few years for a little while and honestly I don't know where to start.  Trying to convey the details of this web that tangled me up amidst these joy filled years feels a little overwhelming. … Continue reading My Struggle with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Week 38

I can't believe it is almost time to meet you!  I knew when we found out we were expecting this past June that the next 9 months would fly by... but that went even faster than I anticipated!  Life feels like it has been crazy since we found out their was going to be a … Continue reading Week 38

Week 36

...... and my body is not my own. I would like to put a disclaimer out there for this post: it is not going to be politically correct..so proceed with caution... I lay in bed and look down at my swollen legs, thinking about how I can improve circulation to my aching limbs and I … Continue reading Week 36